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August 27, 2008

Labor Day Is Coming

The holiday weekend is coming up but except as noted below, most of
the usual events are happening, for those who know that the city is a
GREAT place to be on a holiday weekend.

**SPECIAL NOTE**: The country blues jam at Jalopy is cancelled this
Monday, because of the Labor Day holiday, but it will be back next

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August 20, 2008

Hot Music and Chilly Nights

There's a bit of a fall nip in the air tonight, so come in out of the night chill and see some music. There's plenty of it! Read on for details of all the shows this weekend.

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August 13, 2008

Got Brooklyn!

Southern Week at Ashokan has definitely got Brooklyn, thanks in no small part to Kari. We're all having a great time this week, and some of us (well, me, but also Trip and Emily, Joe Bass, and Michelle, who aren't at Ashokan) were at Old-TIme Week at the Augusta Heritage Festival in West Virginia last week, so it's been a good month so far.


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