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November 29, 2008

Kate and Tone at Sunny's

Friday night Kate Giampetruzzi and Tone Johansen did a second great show in a week. Kate's originals, and Tone's originals and old country classics, are a fantastic combination. They were playing with great bands -- Alice Bierhorst and Walt Wells were the rhythm section for both, while Bob Hofnar and Charlie Burnham complemented Tone and Paul Cabri and yours truly played with Kate. Hopefully there will be many more shows to come! Lots more photos by guest photographer Catherine Keeter.

November 19, 2008

Five Years Of the Opry, and Much More

We have another jam-packed (and gig-packed) week, with many more shows than any one person can attend including the fifth anniversary of the one and only Kings County Opry. None of us can do it alone, so get out and do your part!

More details below, or check the calendar.

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November 9, 2008

Shotgun Party

Shotgun Party, an Austin band that includes former Brooklynite Katy Rose Cox on fiddle and my neighbor Jared Engel on bass, came through Brooklyn on tour this weekend. I caught them earlier in the week when they made a stop in West Virginia while I was there, and both shows were outstanding. 68 Jay was mobbed and everyone was really into the show, which featured Jared's debut on tuba. They're playing the brunch at Superfine this morning as I write, and the tour continues with a stop in Cleveland next.

Lots more photos on the blog.

November 7, 2008

A Great Week

Well, I'm back from old-time music in West Virginia and electioneering
in Pennsylvania and celebrating in Washington DC. Happy to be back.
And just plain happy.

And ready to see some music. Let's start with tonight, when Jonah
Bruno and Dennis Lichtman play the Delta Grill in Hell's Kitchen, oh
pardon me, Clinton. The Havens are at Sidewalk, and a band called
Viva! is at Sunny's. Tone says, "Anybody that likes to see girls rock
out, this is the show for you!"

Tomorrow, you can have some great French Toast at Nolita House while
listening to Andrew and Nancy Hunt, along with guest Jonah Bruno.
There's a lot more than that on the menu though, so go back on Sunday
to catch Fresh Baked.

Saturday night, Katy Rose Cox comes back to Brooklyn for a gig with
Shotgun Party at 68 Jay Street. They happened to be playing West
Virginia when I was out there and I caught the show -- they rocked a
room full of strangers in a little mountain town. They'll also be
playing the brunch at Superfine on Sunday.

Saturday night, John Pinamonti will be playing Freddy's, followed by
Gary Keennan's American String Conspiracy. Charlie Shaw will be
barefootin' on drums the whole night so you know it will be a rocking
time. Afterwards, head on down to Sunny's.

We'll be jamming at Kili on Sunday, as well as at Paddy Reilly's, plus
that night there are some Exceedingly Good Songs at Banjo Jim's. The
slow jam will be at Paddy Reilly's on Monday, and then on Tuesday
there's a very special Veteran's Day show at the All Souls Unitarian
Church in Manhattan: "The Young, the Tender and the Brave: Music of
Courage and Loss in Wartime." Classic songs from the Civil War
onwards, performed by a bunch of great performers.


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