The Ponkiesburg Pickin' Party
est. 2000

What's Ponkiesburg???

From The New York Times, August 3, 2003:

Q. I have heard that the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn was at one time called Ponkiesburg. Could this be right?

A. You're not far off. It isn't Carroll Gardens, however, but nearby Cobble Hill that was formerly known as Ponkiesbergh.

That is as just it should be, because Ponkiesbergh (also spelled Ponkiesberg or Ponkiesburg) is nothing more than the Dutch equivalent of the phrase ''cobble hill,'' so named for a steep cobblestone road at what is now the intersection of Court Street, Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue.

The hill itself played a significant role in the American Revolution, when Cobble Hill Fort was erected at its apex, giving General Washington a splendid view of the fighting along the Gowanus Creek (later Canal) in the Battle of Long Island.

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