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Roots Music Bailout!

Thanks to the passage of the recent roots-music bailout bill, all jams listed below are now paid gigs. Payment depends on the instrument: singers and bass players make the most, followed by melody instruments like mandolin and fiddle. Guitarists are paid on a sliding scale based on volume and ratio of correct chords. Banjo players are paid on a sliding scale depending how many other instruments they bring. Harmonica players can collect tips, but only in a standard Marine Band harmonica case. The offer is good today only, so get out there and play.

Meanwhile, Smokey Hormel is at Sunny's tonight while Monica Passin plays Banjo Jim's. Tomorrow is the first Thursday of the month, so there will be a jam at Freddy's. (Unpaid.) In the frozen North, John Pinamonti plays at An Beal Bocht in Riverdale.

Friday night we have a typical embarrassment of riches. Del Rey is playing the Good Coffeehouse. I saw her as part of a spectacular show at Jalopy on Sunday (see the blog) and I wouldn't miss a show of hers for love or money. Although I'd have to think about it if, say, Bruce Molsky were in town, which he is, the same night. He's playing at Jalopy with Whistlin Wolves, the band formerly known as Whistling Rufus -- Trip Henderson, Emily Eagen Spiff Weigand and Chris Q. Murphy. As if that weren't enough, John Pinamonti will be rocking Sunny's the same night.

On Saturday, the Plunk Brothers (Bob Jones and Boo Reiners) celebrate the release of their new CD at Jalopy with lots of friends including Jen Larson, who does an opening set at 8.30. In Park Slope, Kari and friends play at a new roots music venue. And of course there will be jamming at Sunny's from 10 until Sunday.

Jan Bell plays Jalopy on Sunday night, and Monday night is Michael Daves' monthly jam, preceded by Cat Wagon, with Melody Allegra Berger, Zara Bode, Tom Bailey and Jared Engel.

Next Thursday, April 9, Kate Giampetruzzi and Tone Johansen play their originals and great jazz and country covers at Jalopy. If you missed their show last week at Sunny's, here's your chance.

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