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July 22, 2008

Sunny Saturdays

There will ba a jam at sunnys this saturday 7/26/08 at 9PM 253 conover st 718 625 8211
Kate and Tone and friends will play at sunnys 7/25/08 at 10PM see the last newsletter or the blog for much more information. Smokey hormel continues his wednesday nite western roundup residency.
Brenda tells me that folks looking for more information about the sacred heart scene in NY should check or to the latter is the site for the new york pinewoods folk music club. Ken could you please add these 2 addresses to the link list? The john pinamonte band is at rodeo bar 7/23/08 10PM free.
Lou Giampetruzzi passed 2 years ago. l, along with many others, miss him and his guiding presence. It was lous encouragement and fortitude ( despite near perfect pitch lou allowed me to sit behind him at brazen head and sing, it was his encouragement that led to the jam at sunnys) that brought about my continued involvement with the ponkiesburg jam scene. Thank you Lou. Kate has helped set up a special fund for ailing musicians in his honor, ken has more information on the blog There will be benefit shows and such please support this, Lou was special to many,many people.
The slow jam at paddy reillys continues every 2nd and 4th monday of the month, next on 7/28/08 at 7pm Ken would you please put this on the link list also? The jam at jalopy is now on mondays at 9:30pm. The cashank at buttermilk will be 7/31 and 8/28 at 9pm, thursdays.Blue harvest is at the parkside lounge 7/28/08 and the 11 st bar 9/10/08.
Clarence Ferrari and his wife Kimberly are expecting a little Ferrari in december, congratulations

July 13, 2008

Sunny Saturdays

My first missive to blog im so excited ooh, wow, hoo-eee, ok im over it. People are talking or at least they should be. The babylon arts council presents the 6th annual babylon bluegrass festiva in copiague at tanner park saturday 9/16/08 rain or shine 10 bucks 631 587 3696. Lots of stuff and good folks, bring a lawnchair.
The five deadly venoms are at the living room every tuesday in july at 9:30, and every tuesday in august at 10:30 or There is a band a sunnys this friday 7/18 could be hogzilla check at and kate and tone and friends are definitely playing on friday 7/25 10pm and ther will be a jam saturday 7/19 and 7/26 as usual. Look for dock oscar thursdays at freddys backroom and the continuing adventures of the kings county opry .
James reams and the barnstormers will be playing in conjuction with the " grand central partnerships 'celebrate summer in midtown' look,listen and lunch " series on friday 7/18 at noon:30 pm 3rd ave at 40th street, some people need to practice acronyms. The weekly jam at jalopy is now on momdays at 9:30 pm .
Sue batkin of paddy reillys 2nd and 4th monday of the month slow jam for advanced beginner and intermediate players does NOT wish to announce the formation of a new band that is NOT tentatively entitled as " just practicing" and will DEFINTELY NOT be looking for gigs in or about january, and you certainly didnt hear that from me The havens on the other hand are gigging catch them at th teneleven bar on 8/2/08 and at the lakeside lounge on 9/14.
Lilith beitchman offers for culturization at the white rabbit lounge on tuesday 7/15/08 6-10 PM the mortals theater lnuckleball fund raiser for the upcoming production of "knuckleball " by william whitehurst at the soho playhouse 20 bucks,meet and greet, cashbar and lots of painless ways to separate you from your money, live music,and its a for a good cause.
Castners auction in branchville nj is looking for a bluegrass type band (they are kinda musically illiterate but nice folks) to do something sometime in august and/or september on either saturday or sunday during the day. They dont know how much to spend or much specific yet but they are definitly interested maybe one of you hotshot booking type people could get in touch with dayson engels (that is spelled correctly) at, they want a quality band just need a good sales talk.

April 8, 2008

sunny saturdays

There is a jam at sunnys this saturday 4/12/08 253 conover st 718 625 8211 9pmish. There is a lot going on saturday nite besides the jam at sunnys, the havens are at freddys back room at 9pm, copper kettle is at the delta grill at 1030pm and my favorite fresh baked is at banjo jims at 9pm celebrating their third anniversary and dougs birthday, there are other bands involved i believe this is part of eli smiths ongoing series but check out for more details. The calendar available at the end of this news letter or to be found at lists many events going on in the city this week and ken has spent many hours sweating and slaving over a hot motherboard  ;under brutishly inhuman conditions to bring you the calendar, the blog ,and a space to post or view pictures from different events take advantage of it or we will track you down and sic a telemarketer selling organic fertilizer on you. This is going out early, my job is back to weird, mojo I want to thank those people sending me announcements of events, keep those cards and letters coming folks.

April 2, 2008

sunny saturdays

Yes there is a jam at sunnys this saturday 4/5/08 9pm 253 conover st 718 625 8211 where on friday april 4th john pinamonti will play at 10 pm. (more below...)

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March 16, 2008

sunny saturdays

Yes there is a jam at sunnys this saturday 9pmish 3/22/08 253 conover st 718 6258211 where norden bombsight plays 3/21 THE WOES RETURN 3/28 mud brothers 4/4 and the ragpickers 4/11. Smokey hormel continues his wednesday night western round up residency 9pm. There is a brand new jam forming its monday nites at paddy reillys its a fish of a different color because its aimed at beginners. Im sure most of you remember when you first started playing and how intimidated you were by other established musicians so if you are just starting out or can be patient and supportive to people who are just starting out than paddy reillys on mondays the woman who is hosting is sue and as soon as i get more information from her (like times and where to get in touch) i will pass it along. Somewhere in brooklyn, reportedly in williamsburg somewhere, another jam has started, contact me at if you have more information about that and speaking of new jams every wednesday at 730pm at vin rouge 5th ave and 17 st in park slope bill duke 917 859 5397 or see the calendar that ken ficara has slaved for so many countless thankless misspent hours sweating over a hot noxious deafening keyboard in the dark dreary stygian vastness's of datadom to keep everyone informed. Meanwhile back at jalopy thursday nites at 930 is the old new jam that really doesnt rate the descriptive adjective (remember them?) "new" anymore. The third birthday of fresh baked is celebrated at banjo jims 4/12/08 9pm its also dougs birthday and hes celebrating that as well. Copperkettle band announces the release of their new cd "poison on your mind" available at and only the finest of cd stores.

March 9, 2008

sunny saturdays

yes there is a jam at sunnys this saturday 3/15/08 9pmish 253 conover st 718 625 8211 and there is a new decor in the back room this time by andrew zarou opening friday march 14 at 8pm with the walker street orphans playing at 10pm. Smokey hormel continues his wednesday night western roundup residency at 9pm and upcoming on friday at sunnys 3/21 norden bombsite 3/28 the woes 4/4 the mud brothers 4/6 book reading 4/11 the rag pickers. Norman savitt is at the everything goes book cafe 3/15/08 8pm 208 bay st staten island Every thursday country blues jam at jalopy 930 pm there is a new wednesday nite ja 730pm at vin rouge 5th avenue near 17th st see kens calendar for more information and check out his link list for m ore information than that. There is a new jam somewhere in wiliamsburg. People interested in joe beasley sacred harp music should contact brenda pena at 718 793 2848 cause my timely announcements about these events are proving to be historical in nature

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